Mar 4

12 States Confirmed of Having COVID-19

As of Tuesday, March 3, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 60 cases of COVID-19. The following states have been listed as having confirmed cases:

1.     Florida

2.     Georgia

3.     New Hampshire

4.     New York State

5.     Rhode Island

6.     Washington

7.     Arizona

8.     California

9.     Illinois

10.  Massachusetts

11.  Oregon

12.  Wisconsin

The CDC reports that this information was provided by each state and was received at 4 pm (CDC, 2020).

Be sure to wash your hands frequently and attempt to avoid crowded areas. We have instructed our care attendants to be mindful and take extra precautions when providing care. As we continue to receive information from the State, we will be sure to update you promptly.

Like anything else, this too shall pass.